Being a woman has it’s advantages. We live longer, lover harder, lift less and laugh at the unlucky sole that thinks buying us things will get them closer to our bed. We give life and give life meaning through nurturing nature. I am glad to be a girl. Proud to be women.

With all of that in mind I never understood why it was so shocking to others when I found myself gleaming towards construction as an occupation. In 2006 I was a front desk representative in a large legal firm of successful well establish men in their mid to late 30s. People at the office thought it was strange I drove a 1989 Chevy Crew Cab Dually 4×4 but I loved that truck. On the weekends I would drive by dumpsters in the neighborhood and some across town to find old furniture that I could use as a rebuild project. Something that wouldn’t take all my time but keep my hands busy. My dad always said “idle hands make idle minds.”

I always had an interest in building things since wood shop class in high-school. The first thing I had built was a self, then a small cabinet, then a desk and then a dresser. I ended up having my own corner of various builds in the class. I used an elective class to returned as a teachers aid every year until I graduated. I started a club called Girls in Safety Googles(GSG).

When I graduated my dad became sick and instead of going to college I took care of him and a friend of his got me the job as a front desk representative at his legal firm. I was thankful but that is not my calling. That truck I love was my dads. A year before he became sick he paid it off and when he restricted to bed rest he gave it to me. This only fueled my desire to stay by his side.

He passed away in 2012. I miss him and love him very much. He told me shortly after becoming ill to not waste my time on him and go for what I want in life. My time with him was definitely not a waste but I will listen to part of  what he said. This year I quite my job and started to sell off the furniture I had stored up over the years of crafting. Emptying out just one of the 3 storage units I rent was enough for me to justify quitting.

Now goal is to be a professional foremen and build little pieces I can sell on the side. So it may be a shock to many as step onto the construction site but it’s my dream and you shouldn’t be afraid to take that journey either. They world could use a women’s touch.